Organic Bath and Body Products are Healthier

You will be happier and healthier by using organic bath and body products because chemically-laden bar soaps, body washes or liquid soaps dry and tighten the skin. Then we need lotions to make the skin soft and supple like it is supposed to be and perfumes to help us smell good. Before leaving home, we may also apply foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. For every unhealthy product we use, we’re increasing the toxins that can enter the body through the skin that get washed down the drain into the soil where plants grow.

Name brand soaps have become the standard for cleaning and moisturizing our skin, however they contain ingredients that irritate and dry the skin and damage the environment. You can make an informed decision to use botanically-derived HoSo bath and body products which contain natural moisturizers to hydrate your skin. When they wash down the drain, they won't harm the environment. 

Where to Find HoSo Products

HoSo’s bath and body showcase is located inside of Elena Design Studio in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Stop in to see our collection of organic organic soaps and gifts– 1107 A Spring Street, Silver Spring Md. Elena gives her special clients HoSo organic slim bars to reward their loyalty.

HoSo will do occasional poetry readings in Historic Brookland Farmers Market and offer organic soaps at the Fort Meade Farmer’s market as well as other venues. HoSo products are also available in our online store. 

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