Butterflies and People - More Alike than Different

Butterflies are an example of nature at its finest and we’re more like butterflies than we think. Butterflies start as an egg and grow in a cocoon; we also start as an egg but grow in a womb. Butterflies are transformed into beautiful creatures when they’re born and as children, we transform the world with our innocence and beauty. Like butterflies, people are diverse in color, sizes and shapes.

Butterflies eat a “green” diet; the Black Swallowtail’s diet consists of parsley, dill, carrot and parsnip. Many of us are changing our diet to greener food options that will not only help us fight off diseases, but help to enhance our wellness.

Butterflies in all of their splendor, cannot survive in cold temperatures and have to migrate to warmer places. They protect their species by eating a “green” diet and changing their environment and we need to do the same.

We cannot survive in environments where chilly attitudes and insensitive people choke out our joy. We were born free like the butterfly and if our environment does not support us, we have to move to warmer places. Changing our environment will welcome in new possibilities.

At HoSo we know that wellness is about what you put “in” your body and what you put “on” it. We took going green and make it personal with 100% organic luxury soaps that nourish the body and spirit and reduce our impact on all-important ecosystems. No artificial anything here, just good for your skin botanically derived soap from flowers and plants, which are the primary diet of butterflies.

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HoSo soaps in a kaleidoscope of colors like butterflies, showcase inspirational messages on every bar, penned by our Founder, poet and author Sherri Council.