New Every Morning

We’ve had a lot of snow recently on the East Coast but signs of plant life are peeking out from the snow, eager to show us their beauty.

You too may have been developing underground -beneath the surface by thinking new thoughts, educating yourself, developing skills, going back to school and ending draining relationships. These are all worthy self-development projects that will enable you to burst into new situations - new jobs, new outcomes and new relationships.

Old habits die hard so be sure to rid yourself of anything that may have been holding you back. Forge ahead despite people who tell you what you can’t do and negative thoughts that cause you to fear something different, new or unknown.

 As spring approaches, it is a great time to shed old habits and take on new ones that will lead you towards a more fulfilling life. Today is a new day and it is new every morning bringing with it opportunities to start over. You can walk boldly into your new future by first believing that you can.

 Now might also be a good time to switch to organic products to decrease the toxins entering your body. You can make a first step with HoSo organic soap, then organic foods, then other steps that lead you to living a healthier life.

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Sherri Council