Falling Leaves, Rising Spirits October 02 2014

Mother Nature loves green; blankets of grass on the ground to leaves on trees and plants in the field. She orchestrates a range of events staged to signal the changing seasons while displaying her array of majestic colors. In the fall, leaves turn an array of colors and we’re drawn into the landscape that has been drawn for us on nature’s canvas.

HoSo organic soap is made from the stems, roots and flowers of plants and even our fragrances are botanically based which helps to nourish the skin and prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream. Best of all, HoSo soaps protect the environment and help us to preserve the beautiful legacy of nature.

As treetops begin to glow red, orange, green, yellow, purple, and a hundred hues and shades in between, we start to contemplate the tokens of gratitude we’ll give during the upcoming holidays to thank the special people in our lives for the love, joy and support they’ve brought us all year long. It’s that season. As grateful as we are to receive, there’s no better feeling -- nothing that lifts the spirit more -- than the one we get when giving. The choices available for gestures of gratitude are endless. At HoSo we know that just about nothing lasts forever, but there are those things that endure; both the spiritual and the practical!

We love hearing from our customers that HoSo luxury organic soaps are enthusiastically received by those who receive our products as gifts. They are long-lasting reminders (far longer than that won’t-survive-the-day box of chocs), that someone cares.

Make your gifts extra special this year with custom soap featuring names, dates, logos, pictures and special messages. Not only will the recipients get HoSo clean, they will also feel HoSo special.

So as the leaves fall, here’s to lifting their spirits and yours!